• Do you have a gym membership but not sure how to design an effective and efficient training program?
  • Looking to maximize your current training program?
  • Would you like to train in the privacy of your own home?​

We’ve developed the best customized coaching experience so clients can reach their full potential. We strive to promote a unique approach for each clients journey.

What you’ll have:

  • Certainty and empowerment in a program designed so every movement, workout, and meal brings you closer to your goals.
  • Accountability, encouragement, and motivation from your personal coach.
  • Nutritional guidance to help with meal planning and body composition goals.
  • Monthly coaching check-in to review results and make changes in support of your continued success.

How it works:

Step 1: Book a Consult
This is a phone or video meeting where your coach gets to know you and get familiar with your goals and motivations. We’ll take a detailed look at what your lifestyle, sleep schedule, stress levels, and current limitations. This is also when we’ll discuss your expectations of coaching and what you expect of yourself during this program. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Assessment + Testing
Your first 1–3 weeks of programming will be focused on assessing your current capabilities and testing to see how you move, identify your strengths, and see what you can improve—everything needed to design your individual program. Clients find this time highly educational and beneficial to their training. We will also have the opportunity to learn more about each other. From here on out, you’ll have full email access to your coach.

Step 3: Start Your Program
Your workouts will be delivered to you through our True Coach App. Each workout will include your daily workout, warm up, demo videos, and places to record your results. You can also send your coach questions you may have directly on the app. Your workouts will be reviewed weekly.

Step 4: Monthly Check-Ins
Every month we’ll have a 30-minute phone or video check-in to review your progress, assess your goals, go over your nutrition progress, and discuss any questions you may have. Adjustments and updates will come from your coach as needed, ensuring the program evolves with you.


12 weeks of training with rest and recovery support, nutrition work, and submission of completed workouts.


  • Individually designed program tailored to your goals
  • Programmed to your home, office, or training facility
  • Nutrition guidance and food planning
  • Access to True Coach app
  • Daily workouts emailed to you
  • Access to exercise video library
  • Daily email access to your coach
  • Monthly 30-minute phone or video check-in


  • $199


You can easily log workouts, post questions to us, watch exercise demo videos, and track your workout history over time.

You can get in touch with us in real time. No more fielding emails, text messages, and facebook messages. Everything lives in Fitbot.

Change happens one deadlift, one squat, one pullup at a time. True Coach App tracks all of your data so we can both can see the progress you’re making over time.