Interval training can help you get the most out of your workout. Are you ready to shake up your workout? Do you wish you could burn more calories without spending more time at the gym? Consider aerobic interval training, sometimes called high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or Interval Weight Training. Once the domain of elite athletes,Continue reading “INTERVAL WEIGHT TRAINING”

Strength vs Endurance

This Is the Difference Between Building Muscle Strength and Endurance, According to Experts by TAMARA PRIDGETT As you start to learn more about fitness and resistance training, there can be a lot of terms and methods that are outright confusing. You may have heard about muscular strength and muscular endurance and found yourself wondering what exactlyContinue reading “Strength vs Endurance”

Home Workouts

WORKOUT 1:5 Walkouts, 30 Lateral Jump Squats10 Walkouts, 30 Lateral Jump Squats15 Walkouts, 30 Lateral Jump Squats10 Walkouts, 30 Lateral Jump Squats5 Walkouts, 30 Lateral Jump Squats WORKOUT 2:5 Rounds20 Burpees40 Reverse Lunges WORKOUT 3:3 Giant Sets:9 Front Plank to Pushup Planks1:00 Left Elbow Plank1:00 Right Elbow Plank15 Hollow Rocks1:00 Left Elbow Plank1:00 Right ElbowContinue reading “Home Workouts”


A Trainer Explains Why Weightlifting Is the Most Important Type of Exercise For Losing Belly Fat by CHRISTINA STIEHL When it comes to losing belly fat, your mind may immediately think of doing dozens of crunches or spending hours on a cardio machine. And while these moves may help you burn calories, they’re not the most effectiveContinue reading “LIFT WEIGHTS TO LOSE BELLY FAT”